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We love to hear from travellers who've come across something that should be included in the Love Travel Guides. Our favourites are places that have helped you fall in love with the destination but we would also like to hear about places that may have changed or ones you think should be deleted from the guides. We also welcome requests to be included in the books and will add those place to our ‘to-do’ list next time we are in the destination. We are currently only focused on India, so would appreciate feedback only on this destination for now. We are happy to take complaints along with compliments as both will help us refine the product.

Designed for people who want tailored advice, specific and fast. We also do itinerary planning and review existing itineraries. This individual bespoke service is available at an hourly rate of $USD 200, payable in advance.

“ I am about to ask my girlfriend to marry me, where should I get the ring?”

“My husband is preparing for a marathon. Where can he train whilst on our month long vacation in India?”

“We are coming to Bangalore to attend a wedding. What clothes do I wear and where can I shop and which is the best tailor to use?”

“ I want to go to a yoga retreat near a beach in India, which is the best place?"

“Can you review our itinerary, make sure we are staying at the best places and direct us to the best shopping?”

“I am in Mumbai next week for one night, where should I eat?”

“We are looking for a villa near the beach in Goa for our wedding. We need a place that will accommodate 10 guests for three nights, during Diwali and our budget is Rs.50,000.”

"Might you have a recommendation for a tailor and a shoemaker in Jaipur ? I would like to have some things copied. (If not Jaipur then Dehli ? or Mumbai? )."

" We are now staying in Jaipur and plan to spend two days in Pushkar. Do you have anyway suggestion of hotels there ?"

“Anyone I should meet with in Mumbai? Also I need to find exhibitions for sari/textiles and which is the best place to stay?.”


If you'd like to connect with us directly to talk about orders, customization or would like to join our team, or write your own Love Travel guide email us at fiona@lovetravelguides.com or phone us: +91 98863 97381

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