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Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar

The Thieves Market, Mutton St,

No guide to antique shopping in Mumbai could miss the famed Chor Bazaar. It is a wonderful adventure to explore the alleys and lanes searching for treasures amongst the ‘real fake antiques’.

Most stores open between 10am-11am and close around 8pm. On Fridays many of the shops close whilst a crowded local flea market takes over.

Some of my favourite stores are listed here.

Bollywood Bazaar, 38 Mutton St, trades in movie posters, lobby cards and photo stills from the 1930s up to 1980s.
Ph: (022) 2347 2427.

Chandeliers & Furniture house, 18 Mutton St, has wonderful glass, including French chiffoniers, a whimsical delight.
Ph: (022) 2341 2378.

Jubilee Decorators, 127-129 Mutton St, has marble statues which hip hoteliers snaffle up for their Goan properties, great furniture and also inexpensive hand-painted miniatures that make perfect gifts.
Ph: (022) 2347 6699.

Poster Stuff, 113 Mutton St, has a huge selection of posters. My original ‘Mother India’ film poster cost 1,500. They also have lobby cards, show cards and movie tickets. Haji Abu Mob: 98704 40970.

The Hesperus, 103 Mutton St, is a nautical specialist and is self-described as ‘a treasure trove of decorative ship antiques and curios’. Ph: (022) 2346 1849.

YMD, 70-72 Mutton St, is a 100-year-old family-run business that sells extraordinary industrial lights as well as large pieces from movie sets. 1,500 to 500,000.