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Dera Amer

Dera Amer

Dera Amer

Village Khurad, Kukas, Tehsil–Amer Rd
(take the Delhi rd, pass the Meridien Hotel and turn at sign-posted track on the left).
Ph: (0141) 222 8468, 222 9856,
Udaijit Mob: 98290 12512.
Open daily. Closed June and July.

Almost a decade ago, Udaijit Singh,  inspired by the camel safaris in Jodhpur  and Jaisalmer, created elephant safaris on his land in Kukas, a forest reserve just outside of Amber, nestled into the foothills of the Aravalli Range. The elephants are well looked after, and it is an engaging experience in a luxurious setting. The property can be booked out exclusively for those who want to ensure complete privacy and also for special events. Elephant polo can be arranged for a fee of R50,000. 

Upon arrival you may help decorate the elephant with harmless watercolour paints and then you may feed the elephant a banana or two, and it will be time ‘board’ your elephant, where you sit on a howdah (padded platform) for the hour-long ride around the forest estate guided by the mahout (carer and driver of the elephant). 

Once you get the hang of the lurching and lumbering you just ease back, observe the bird life and soak up the peace of nature. You are welcome to help give the elephant a well-deserved bath, post the ride.

An ideal time to ride is 7am with breakfast afterwards. Or come late afternoon and enjoy drinks and a BBQ dinner or do a night ride where the route is torch lit, especially romantic on a full moon night. The cost is 4,750 per person inclusive of the safari and a meal, alcoholic drinks are extra. Much of the produce used is grown on the farm organically.

Udaijit is committed to the welfare of the elephants. He has adopted three elephants and keeps another five at the farm, believing that he offers them a better environment, roaming free for most of the day, rather than working on the busy hot and polluted roads in the city. Udaijit chooses female elephants because, according to him, they have a better temperament!