Jessica Warner, the founder of Twofold Handcrafted Travel, has partnered with Fiona Caulfield, author of the Love Travel Guides, to present an exploration of Indian textiles in three parts.

The February 2021 trip is a deep-dive into Indian textiles, focusing on three destinations over nine days: exploring textile-forward fashion in Delhi, silk weaving in Varanasi, and block-printing in Jaipur.

In Delhi, the group will meet designers who are part of a flourishing fashion scene tapping into India's rich craft traditions to make textiles and clothes with a modern aesthetic. In Varanasi, the tour will step back in time to see weavers producing exquisite silk brocades on old jacquard pit looms. In Jaipur, they will explore block-printing with a visit to the studio of a renowned designer and a hands-on workshop.

Along the way, the tour group will experience three distinctive Indian cities. They will glimpse Delhi's impressive Mughal and colonial past, and witness the incredible rituals of life and death taking place along the Ganges River in Varanasi. In Jaipur, with a stylish family-run boutique hotel as their base, they will explore the city's markets and see the remarkable historic landmarks.

Jessica grew up in Canberra, Australia and then moved to New York, later wth her family she moved to Asia spending time in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney before returning to the USA and settling in Boulder Colorado. Since 2013 she has been leading textile to Japan, Mexico and India.

Please contact Jessica if you would like to learn more about this wonderful journey.