Bespoke advice by Fiona Caulfield,
India's Leading Travel Designer

An expert resource for independent travellers wanting customised recommendations based on in depth knowledge and first-hand experience.

Fiona offers tailored recommendations on :

  • Itinerary planning (excluding bookings)
  • Itinerary reviews
  • Detailed day plans
  • Accommodation
  • Dining
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Exploring

Fiona can also make introductions to a wide range of people in India, be that :

  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Craftspeople
  • Designers
  • Environmentalists
  • Historians
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Sportspeople

Some questions we’ve answered include where to :

  • Buy the perfect engagement ring?
  • Continue my marathon training?
  • Find hand-woven indigo?
  • Get my Indian wedding outfits made?
  • Get my portrait done?
  • Stay at a chic ashram?
  • Master my headstand?
  • Find an inexpensive villa in Goa to accommodate ten people, near the beach, (a not-so-crowded-beach) for three nights during Diwali?
  • Send my husband off to play golf so I can shop more?

This service is charged at $USD 250 per hour, payable in advance. The initial consultation is always done on the phone and follow up can be via calls and/or emails.