Love Mumbai


June 2018
ISBN 978-81-932-551-1-7

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Love Mumbai is a must have guide to the best and most authentic experiences in the city. In fact, all the savvy inside knowledge that a stylish traveller, or resident, craves is here. The 160-page guide details the most authentic experiences in Mumbai and has dedicated sections on SoBo and NoBo (South and North Bombay).

The fifth edition of the Love Mumbai book was released in June 2018. Since launching the first edition in 2007, Love Mumbai is now regarded as THE must-have guide for the city.

Unlike mass tourist books, using this guide is like being chaperoned by a good friend. Love Mumbai comprises eight sections including an overview of the city with 'must knows' and 'must do's' and presents the best places to eat, drink, shop, be pampered, get fit and explore. The entries are 'love stories' personally shared by in the know locals; including artists and architects, cocktail makers and chefs, fashion designers and foreign correspondents and, most importantly, taxi drivers. Fiona then personally tests every entry, checking that it really is the best experience in its category. Whether it be a legendary coastal restaurant or a street cart serving local snacks, a cutting edge contemporary gallery or the oldest antique shop in India - you can be sure all of the recommendations have met her exacting standards.

Mumbai is the biggest, wealthiest and fastest city in India and is often compared with New York. Author Fiona Caulfield believes that “India’s Maximum city needs a comprehensive guide which helps the time-poor traveller, or resident, discover the best experiences in the city”.

The guide is designed for discerning individuals who want authenticity in style and covers everything from simple chai stalls to glamorous rooftop bars, from vibrant jumbled bazaars to sophisticated designer ateliers. The book opens with an insightful essay by Anand Giridharadas of The International Herald Tribune, Bombay Bureau and author of the book, “India Calling”. Since launching the first edition in 2007, Love Mumbai is now regarded as THE must-have guide for the city.

Completely hand-made by artisans in India, Love Mumbai celebrates authentic Indian luxury and pays homage to India's rich craft legacy. Love Mumbai is printed on delicately textured hand-made paper and fitted with hand-loom khadi cotton covers, the fabric of India’s independence. Hand-made bookmarks by Aneeth Arora of leading textile and fashion brand péro.